The Abel family has been in the chocolate industry for over 40 years, working everyday alongside a staff of talented artisan candy makers. Family & Chocolate are two core principles at Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company. We invite you to learn more about our company and how we do things below.

Where was the first retail store?

Our first retail store was in Saint Louis, Missouri on Chippewa St. on Route 66. Dan Abel Sr. and Rosalie worked the store from open to close everyday, making candies in a small kitchen that you could see through windows in the retail store. Today, although our manufacturing facility has moved to Pattison Ave, the original retail store still stands at 6740 Chippewa St. in Saint Louis, Missouri.

What are some of your top sellers?

Definitively our Caramels & Truffles! Whether you buy a box of caramels or one of our caramel bars, you cant go wrong with our family recipe - made with Cane Sugar, Fresh Whipping Cream, Butter and a hint of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. All of our caramels are made in antique copper kettles, just like they did 100 years ago! Our artisan truffles are made with fresh whipping cream & chocolate. The smooth ganache is dipped in chocolate and comes in many different fun flavors - such as Red Velvet Cake, German Chocolate Cake and Caramel Fudge Brownie!

Do you offer factory tours?

We sure do!  Due to Covid-19 protocols, we have limited the number of tours to 10 people at a time and shortened our tour schedule.  We hope to be back at full capacity one day!

What makes your chocolate special?

Chocolate is in our name three times, it's all we think about! Starting with the first cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, Africa and slowly roasting them is crucial in making our premium chocolate. Our recipe has been one of the most carefully guarded secrets for over 40 years. We ONLY use premium Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans, Cane Sugar and nothing artificial. Our Milk Chocolate is 34% Cocoa and our Dark Chocolate is 54% Cocoa. We have won several awards over the years for our milk and dark chocolate - in fact, our TOP selling item in our retail stores is our CHOCOLATE BREAKUP!

Does the Abel family really work at the factory?

You better believe it! Each family member has a responsibility in the company. Co-Founders Dan Abel Sr. and Rosalie Abel handle the administrative side of the business while the Abel family children work operations, most of the time they are in the factory working alongside the team - making candy, packing boxes, filling chocolate melters, mopping floor, no job is too big or too small! Working with this amazing team is what makes this company so SWEET! We pride ourselves in having the BEST TEAM IN CHOCOLATE and are honored to work alongside them everyday!

What are the family members favorite chocolates?

Dan Abel Sr - Solid Chocolate Breakup
Rosalie Abel - Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Christina Abel - Milk Chocolate Pecan Bark
Dan Abel Jr - Milk Waffle Cone Caramel Bar
Christopher Abel - Milk Pecan Burrs (what we call a turtle)

Can I place an order over the phone?

Of course! Our Customer Service Department is excited to help you out at any time - 1-888-222-7710. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You can email us at any time - orders@chocolatechocolate.com

What is the difference between Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company and Bissinger's?

Great question!  In 2019, The Abel family acquired Bissinger's - so naturally Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company & Bissinger's became best friends!  The Abel family owns two facilities and has spread out the production, shipping and warehousing between each facility so each brand has space, room to grow and separate production lines.  Each recipe is very different - from the caramel, to the toffee, marshmallow, cremes, etc.  The chocolate is very different as well - in fact Bissinger's chocolate is still produced for us in Europe, and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company's chocolate is made in North America.  Each brand has a very distinct history, tradition and profile and the Abel family intends to keep it that way.  It's kinda like having 2 kids - each one is different and that is great!  It was a magical experience when both companies came under one roof - literally centuries of combined chocolate experience have come together and now work as one very sweet company!

What If I have a question not listed here?

No problem! Send us an email at any time to customersupport@chocolatechocolate.com Or you can give us a buzz at 1-888-222-7710. We're happy to help!